Andrea Kaczmarek

Writer of children's books

Andrea is a retired English teacher

She lives in Germany with her family - and is enjoying herself greatly with her children's stories- 


Pink Wish Ice Cream is published by P'Kaboo Books- Polly Pink Witch drives around in her Pink Wish Ice Cream van...her ice cream is very very special and, if you say the magic words you get a free wish  - Pink Wish has 5 Star reviews !



Puddle's Wondrous Worry Dolls is published by dpdotcom - Jemima, Puddle to her friends, finds some amazing worry dolls as if by magic. Just for fun, she asks those Worry Dolls to solve a few problems...the results are pretty spooky! Puddle has 5 Star reviews!




There's a Stinky Goblin in the Shed published by Ravenswood in March 2017 - The twins Jerry and Jacob find a very strange creature in the woods behind their den. Getting rid of the very stinky and greedy goblin is not as easy as they think! A Middle Grade fun/fantasy story for boys! The Stinky Goblin has some wonderful 5 Star reviews on Goodreads and is available on Amazon  


Coming very soon- Goldilocks and the Four Bears, The Tidy Up BuzzZola's Spooky Specs and Pecked, Pinched and Posted -new stories for little ones 


All Andrea's titles are available on Amazon -


Reading is the greatest fun -